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Time & Attendance Data Collection Terminal

Finger Vein Biometric Terminal


AMANO AGX250AV combines new biometric technology with AMANO expertise. This innovative reader eliminates buddy punching and increases productivity without the need for ID cards.
Hardware configuration is scalable from one reader to multiple readers for attendance and access control.

  • Buddy Punch Protection: High security finger vein verification, ID card not needed.
  • 1,000 finger enrollment: 2 fingers (500 users) or 1 finger (1,000 users).
  • Quick and Accurate Verification: Verification within 1 second,
    *FRP:0.01%, *FAR:0.0001%
  • Function keys: For Shift Number and Exception code
  • Signal Relay : Up to 30 steps a week. Utilizes state of the art biometric finger vein technology
  • 2 Relay Outputs: For Signal,Verification OK or Verification Error.
  • 2 types of transaction data: Generates Time & Attendance data and Door Access data.
  • 3 methods of communication: Serial, Socket, or FTP communication.
  • Makes transactions with or without pressing IN/OUT buttons.

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