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AXP200 System

AXP200 System

AXP 200 system are a powerful, fully comprehensive proximity access control system designed for small to medium applications requiring up to 2000 tag holders and 16 doors at a single site or location.

IC Controller is capable of performing tag read operations; it includes a keypad, used for entering data into the unit, and a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) display.

The unit is capable of communicating with other AXP200 units via an RS485 Terminal Bus Port, with a PC via an RS232/RS485 Host Bus Port and with peripherals via an RS232 Serial Peripheral Port A.


* 16 door access control and 16 Anti-pass back zone
* Up to 2000 tags
* 8000 transactions
* Operation is Tag Only, Tag + PIN or Personal Access Code
* 20-key keypad with backlighting 16 character x 4 line alphanumeric display (English, Katakana) with backlighting.
* Read Tag capability for various Tag types:
Slim Tags
Omega Tags
WriTag 128
WriTag 2048
* LED's indicate transmit and receive line activity for diagnostics
* Four external inputs, and two independent relay outputs
* A real-time clock
* Remote firmware download capabilities
* An RS232/RS485 Host Bus Port for connection to a PC
* An RS485 Terminal Bus Port for connection to other terminal devices
* An RS232 Serial Peripheral Port for connection of compatible bar code readers, mag-stripe readers, or keypads
* Status LED (Red/Green)
* 36 Tone Buzzer with 5 volume settings including off

Download AXP200 Brochure (2,524KB / PDF file)

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