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Fee Computer & Mag-Stripe Ticket Reader / Validator

TF - 5620 / TF - 5630

TF - 5620 / TF - 5630

This fee computer automatically calculates the parking fee from values such as unit time, unit charge, and discount, all of which are set by data and parameters that are input by keyboard or ticket reader (V/L). The fee computer displays the fee in the Display and simultaneously prints out a receipt and journal printer. The processed data is totaled and at any time, can be printed out as totaled data. Also when the fee computer is part of a bigger system, this data can be transmitted to the host.

Features :

  • Automatic calculation of clasped lime between entry and exit and computation of parking tee
  • One-keystroke operation
  • Manual key-in for lost or damaged tickets
  • Reduced manual errors and improved security of parking fee cavil control
  • Validator reads, prints, and encodes parking fee payment time data on parking, ticket for auditor verification
  • Fee computer journal tape allows easy
  • Detailed daily, monthly, and yearly reports can he easily generated via interface with a PC
  • Allows use of pie-paid cards, service tickets, and discount tickets
  • On-line or stand-alone operation
  • Use in either central pay or exit pay applications
  • When used in conjunction with the TF-5900 Fee Display, parking fee is displayed in bold red digits for easy customer verification

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