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Ticket Dispenser / Pass Card Reader (Entrance Station)



This machine is a parking ticket dispenser designed to write and print the lot number, machine number, parking ticket type, entrance number and entrance time to the magnetic parking ticket as it is dispensed. The machine automatically dispenses the ticket as a car stops in its front. The ticket is also available using the button on the machine front panel.

This machine offers the parking lot administration system when combined with the automatic fare adjustment machine, car gate, entrance/exit monitor panel, various indicator lamps and other equipments.

This machine is available in three models:

TF-2700 with the ticket dispensing function.
TF-2800 with the ticket dispensing & pass card reading function.
TF-2900 with the built-in reader special pass reader.

Features :

  • Manual or automatic ticket issuance:
  • Barrier gate arm is automatically raised and customer allowed entry after taking ticket or retrieving pass card after valid read
  • One slot (TF-2800N) for ticket dispensing and pass card insertion
  • Magnetically codes and prints entry information on tickets
  • Allows access by debit card, monthly pass
  • Optional LCD display featuring user friendly instructions
  • Optional intercom call station for customer assistance
  • Automatic back out and void ticket control
  • Anti-pass back and validity check capabilities to prevent illegal entry
  • Double ticket-feed for 8,000 ticket capacity
  • Optional 4-way pass card reading capability
  • Signals low tickets, gate open/closed, "in" count, and lot full
  • Diagnostic messages allow speedy identification of any malfunction
  • Modular replacement parts make no tools necessary for quick, clean, easy maintenance
  • On-line or stand-alone operation

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